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I Otta(man) Finish This. Part 1

So, in our last episode, we had a padded box and we had stained feet and we had the triangular metal plates screwed into the bottom four corners for the feet. Now for the upholstery, where, as the saying goes, ‘the rubber meets the road’. I really do think this is what scares people away from doing this. I’m breaking this up into two parts because it is so photo heavy. (more…)

The Rise of the Ottoman (not the empire)

After I saw how popular the chair refinishing posts were, I figured that y’all are hungering after more upholstery yumminess. This is basically the next step up – an ottoman.

Yes, I realize the photo at the top looks like an empty box, but bear with me on this because that box is actually the foundation not only of an ottoman, but of a lot of other basic furniture. We are not going to go into how to build a box today – that is for the future, but trust me on this one: If you can embrace the box, you’ve got a houseful of furniture just waiting for you. (more…)

Pull up a chair

One of Aunt Toby’s goals for writing this blog is to definitely get the point across that besides actual surgery or self-performed dentistry, there is nothing out there that any of us should say, “Nah…I could never do that.” Now, I also have to admit that I’m a big believer in starting something at the most basic level I can find and then working up to more complicated things, but the point is made.

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