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Making Home Sewing Pay: The Coat Muslin and the Armscye

So, here we are with the first muslin on the coat. Now, because my big fit ‘issues’ are between my bust/shoulders/arms and this is not a tightly fitted coat, I did not bother making a full length muslin. I also chose a fabric that is heavier than muslin per se (though there are different weights of muslin and there is one which is usually used for jackets and coats and is quite heavy – I cannot buy it where I live. The only source I know of is in the Garment District in New York City) so that I get the view of the drape. (more…)

Making Home Sewing Pay: Choosing the Right Pattern

One way to save money with sewing your own clothing is to pick something that costs a whole lot in a store. Now, while some things, like bridal gowns and men’s suits, take skill levels that require training and years to perfect, there are others that are well within the realm of an advanced beginner sewer. One of them is a wool jacket or coat. (more…)

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