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Best Deal on the Best Interfacing on the Planet!

If you are looking for better (much better) interfacings than you can get at your local ‘extremely large chain fabric store that is really a crafts store with a little bit of fabric”, it’s time for you to become acquainted with Pam Erny. She carries the ‘good stuff’ – the stuff that manufacturers use that ordinarily the rest of us can’t get hold of because we don’t have the inside connection. Her business is Fashion Sewing Supply.

The good news for us (bad news for Pam) is that her supplier sent her far more interfacing than she ordered…and she can’t send it back.

Oh dear. So Pam is holding a blow out sale. So, now is the time for all of us to think about all the different projects we want to sew this winter and spring. It’s a truly great deal on several different kinds of her very best interfacings which are frankly good for everything. Pam is offering up to 6 yards of each color of any sort of interfacing for $5.98 per yard. Fabulous Price!
For details, go here: Pam Erny Sew Exciting

Sewists – start your shopping lists!
(Let’s see now..I’m going to make shirts for the DH and knit dresses and …..)

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