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Tomatoes UP!! Oh yeah, Baybee!

TumblingTom1There is nothing like planting seeds and seeing them come up. Oh yeah!!

This tomato is a variety called Tumbling Tom and was developed specifically for hanging basket growing. Yes, even though here at Chez Siberia, we have certainly a big enough garden (though, ahem, I’m thinking we could use another couple of beds…a discussion for another time), I thought we’d try some hanging basket vegetable growing. We have a great, sunny deck which I usually use for hanging baskets of flowers, but who says that hanging basket veggies can’t be decorative too? We just have to make sure they get plenty of water (though I also have a plan to try out recycling baby disposable nappies – just the ones that got wet — as a way to keep moisture in the baskets).

Besides the tomatoes, I’ve started a hanging basket pepper called Golden Bells and I’ll also be starting colorful lettuces as well. I saw this photograph recently and got quite excited; I do think we’ll have to keep that hanging basket toward the back of the deck, the shady side. Growing Lettuce in a Basket

Now, just as a reminder, it’s only been one week – 7 days – since I planted those particular seeds. They’ve been out, on top of the electric growing mat out in our unheated greenhouse.

Something else that is already up is this. basilupThis is the basil. Basil is something that we really can’t get enough of at our house and having plants that I can sneak off fresh pinches before they can even get out into the garden is something that is pretty exciting, I can tell you!! We not only grow it to use fresh (with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella, in sauces, for pesto and so on), but we also dry huge amounts of it at the end of the season for use all fall and winter long. There is nothing like a big handful of dried basil in sauces. Yummmmm!

Anything else up out in the greenhouse?

Unfortunately, no. On the one hand, I’m not surprised, because peppers take quite a bit longer than tomatoes do, so perhaps we will have some pepper seedlings up by next weekend. In the meantime, I’ll wait for these seedlings to develop their next set of leaves before I transplant them into small pots to develop further.

Do we love spring? Oh, yes, we certainly do!!

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