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Red Dress Redux

For those folks who requested an actual shot of the dress from this post because it disappeared into the laundry before I could do it, here you go. Apologies for the armpit shot, though it does give you an idea of what a honkin’ broad back I have (courtesy of genetics, weight lifting et al.).
Again – to recap:
Pattern: Vogue 8241
Fabric: Bamboo and lycra jersey for the dress, nylon mesh for the lining in the bodice
No zip – one button at the back of the neck with a thread loop
(oh, yeah..the shoes are Chinese Laundry from a couple of years ago, for those folks who want to know, and the belt is Chico’s)

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  1. Carolyn says:

    First thanks for the pic! And second, this is a nice color on you. I can see why you would want to make more!

  2. lsaspacey says:

    Wow, very nice! Great color. Thanks for the pic.

  3. Toby Wollin says:

    Ah..two votes for that color. There are all sorts of reds out there (actually, this is no news to sewers .. there are a zillion forms of all different colors..all depends on what the ‘modifying’ color is and how well it goes with one’s complexion). This red happens to have a bit of blue in it, so it’s more cherry than scarlet, so it is a bit kinder to my coloration than other colors are. For that matter, peach is nicer to me than orange; gold is nicer than yellow, greens with blue in them compliment me better than those with yellow in them (I’m waiting for forest green to come back; I’m quite tired of the whole lime green/avocado thing). Black is definitely NOT my best- and white makes me look ‘green around the gills’ as my mom used to say.

  4. Shiphrah says:

    The red a nice color. I’ve found that most reds are good on most people. I bet the bamboo jersey is totally yummy; I’ll have to check my internet suppliers, as the local box is almost totally crafty. I’ve heard that it skims the figure rather than cling, it breathes, and it feels like silk. What’s not to like? I really appreciate the photo, as I was dubious about that raglan-line shoulder with my heavy arms – they’re way bigger than yours, Toby, thanks to lymphedema and lifting weights – but you look fabulous! so I might risk it. And, yes, the belt slung casually toward your hips really gives it that extra spark. Woot! Great success!

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