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Desperate for spring

orchid1Your old Aunty knows that this time of the year can be mighty difficult. Too cold to garden outside in most places except for the Southern Hemisphere. And still short days; I don’t care where you live, but when you have fewer than 10 hours of daylight, it’s just depressing.

So, here at Chez Siberia, I try to get in as much ‘indoor gardening’ activities as I can. Planning the vegetable garden with the seed catalogs all spread out before me is one activity that I think all gardeners indulge in at this point in the year, if for no other reason than they want to beat everyone else to the newest and best and what is in short supply. But another thing I do is to do a bit of ‘housekeeping’ with the houseplants. (more…)

Gardening Weird Science Forever — it’s a jungle out there

Last year, as readers might recall, I planted seeds I had gotten when I ‘married’ some daylillies out in my garden. I got little plants, which I put into pots for the summer last year and then toward the end of the summer, I planted them out into their own little nursery bed. Saving and Growing Your Own The photo at the top is of them, this morning – and boy, how THEY have grown. They are probably three times the size of what they were when I planted them out. Last summer, while the little daylilly plants were busy growing, I did some more ‘marrying’ on the daylillies in my garden and saved those seeds in a dry paper towel inside a plastic bag in my fridge. Earlier this spring, I again put them into one of my handy-dandy ‘plastic box with a snap on lid that I got some salad mix in from the grocery store’ and those, too, have come up. I will plant those into pots with grow mix and at the end of this summer, I will put those into the nursery bed. I will also transplant the daylillies that you see in the photo above into more permanent spots at the front of our house. They are probably a good two years away from flowering but part of the fun of this is the waiting part. (more…)

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