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shawl collars

Knitting: Shawl Collars

Aunt Toby is a big believer in keeping necks warm. I would argue that for all the ‘wear a hat’ business out there, wearing something around the neck (whether it’s a turtleneck shirt, a scarf, etc.) actually provides more insurance for maintaining body heat than a hat does, especially if you are inside rather than outside. On the other hand, though, wearing a turtleneck sweater can be pretty…sweaty, and there is no way to modify that, which is why most people wear either a cardigan, or a crewneck with a turtleneck shirt underneath. You can always unbutton the top couple of buttons if you get overly warm. But neither of those items covers the neck and if you are in a place where it’s drafty or just downright chilly (ahem, like Chez Siberia where we keep the daytime temps, even when people are in the house, at 60 degrees F. Do not ask what the night time temps are: Does the phrase “can see your breath’ mean anything?), you might want to reach for the scarf. (more…)

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