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Masquerade masks for the spectacled

This year’s ‘to do’ item for fundraising is the masked ball. I don’t know who sent out the memo but there it is. And for those of us who use ‘visual aids’ but who do not wear contact lenses, this is sort of a problem. We could always go with the ‘mask on a stick’ thing which is very popular but since your dear Auntie goes to these sorts of events equipped with a clutch bag filled with everything from a cell phone to a small ziplock(tm) bag of antibiotic ointment, plastic adhesive bandages, a chemical ice pack and an athletic bandage (don’t ask; someday I will tell you the story which includes an icy parking lot, stilettos and a long gown), this will not work. Aunt Toby needs a hand free for the drink or the plate of coy little munchables, whichever comes first. (more…)

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