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blouse-back tee

New top pattern and a sew-along!!!

Yes, Yes, I know, your Aunty is in the midst of doing a muslin for a jacket, but sometimes you also need something that is easy, simple and will clean the brain. Yes, I do more than one project at a time; it actually helps when I am doing something more complex like the jacket and am having some frustrations to do something as something to keep ‘the mojo’ up there.

And this is IT — a brand new knit top pattern from Hot Patterns. Very clever, with a neat and tidy tee-top in the front, with a nice, loose yoke-blouse look in the back, for light weight knit fabrics. Love it. Great for the hot and steamy summer. PLUS – and I love this part – a sew-along. What’s not to like?

If you’ve never tried a Hot Patterns product, now is the time to do it – there will be the fabulous Trudy there to hold your electronic hand through the entire thing. When the sew-along is over, you will have your top completely done — no UFOs!! Make new friends! Learn new skills! Plus videos and all sorts of help from Trudy herself.

Home sewing can be a very isolating experience – most of us have to snatch little bits of sewing time for ourselves and many times we get behind and end up feeling defeated. Commit to the project. I’ll be doing it too!

The sew-along starts on May 21st (plenty of time to get your pattern and get fabric or search the stash for those great knits you’ve been, like me, hoarding), so here you go! Getcher pattern right here!! Blouse-back tee and sew-along!

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