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Aunt Toby Hits The Big Time

Totally shameless “Plug City Arizona” – earlier this year, I went, courtesy of the Broome County Cooperative Extension (ahem), on a bus trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show, where your Aunty goggled at all the orchids, was amazed at how big some people can grow various plants and bought a few things. I bought a rather nice basket and some horse radish roots (which I planted and which seemed to do absolutely NOTHING for a very long time but are now emerging) and I got a small bag of seed potatoes. Do not ask me what potatoes they were – I managed to lose the label from out of the bag. They were ‘German — something.” In any case, they were the first potatoes that I stuck into the ground this spring, as soon as the ground temperature warmed up and when they emerged, I took a picture, uploaded it to and put the words “Philadelphia Flower Show” into the description. You now see the result – Schmap guides found it and as they would say, the rest is history.

The way to find it is to click, on the Schmap box, on the photo that accompanies their listing of the Philadelphia Flower Show and click through all the lovely photos in the slide show – my humble potato shot is toward the end. The rest of the photos are truly wonderful and give you a terrific overview of all the terrific exhibits and resources that are available at the show. I find it a little bit ironic that my rather utilitarian ‘tater shot’ is accompanied by all that beauty, but I guess that is what irony is all about, eh?

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