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Fowl Deeds

I just found a terrific site:
The City Chicken – Chicken Laws

They might be listing your municipality right now. For example, in Washington, DC proper – no chickens. Fairfax County – yepper. They also collect information from commenters, so if your municipality is not listed and you call on your city clerk and get the low-down on chicken ownership, please pass it along to make the site even more complete. Great stuff!!

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  1. Katy Skinner says:

    Thanks for mentioning my site! 🙂 -Katy

  2. Aunt Toby says:

    Katy — I’m a big believer in urban chickens – I grew up next to an elderly guy who had rabbit hutches in his back yard from probably the 30s and 1940s – and I’m sure he was not breeding them for show. 🙂 Too bad DC won’t let anyone raise a few chickens there – I think it would be a wonderful addition to the White House organic garden.

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