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Turkeys do NOT gobble

One of the joys of raising animals is really getting to know them in terms of behaviors and sounds. Roosters, on the one hand do crow with a sound that hovers in the ‘cock-a-doodle-doo’ range. Even when the roosters are just starting to feel their oats (or, their hormones), they can make a weak version of this, but crowing it is.

We’re brand new to turkey raising this year and it has been truly delightful to find out that turkeys make a bunch of different noises. But, none of them sounds like ‘gobble’. What I think that refers to is more like a ululation. ululation

They also cluck and make a noise that sounds a lot like a ‘ping’ – sort of a “Star Wars’ sort of noise. Again, I have no idea who’s doing what (supposedly the tom’s ‘gobble’ and the hens ‘cluck’ but I think they all ‘ping’.

As you can see, they look a LOT more like turkeys than the last time we took a look at them for you and they are starting to puff up and present ‘display behaviors’ a lot more now. But we have the rest of the summer and into the fall before they will be big enough to be recognizable ‘painted on a china plate’ turkeys.

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  1. Mardel says:

    I don’t raise turkeys but do have quite a few wild turkeys around the property. Mostly they are shy and avoid human contact, but one takes perch up in either the maple or the pine in the front yard early while everyone is out, and lets out a sharp warning call should I venture out the front door for early morning weeding or just strolling in the garden. If I’m lucky I get to see them all flee.

    I may have heard something vaguely akin to a gobble in the spring during mating season, but it is not a particularly common sound among the local turkeys.

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