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I’m a pundit. Who knew?

turkeysoupYou never know, when you get involved in this blogging business, into whose mailbox or IM or FB or other ‘social networking’ la-di-dah your words and pictures are going to land. I was notified by a kind friend that my Thanksgiving piece (post both here and back with ‘the folks what brung me’ back at had been picked up by an electronic publication which, shall we say, is at a slightly more rarified level than my little postings here. 10 Recipes the Pundits Love

I’m not going to take offense at the ‘he’ business because the writer also referred to ‘flower’ when discussing someone’s gravy recipe. This appears to be a “I trusted the spell checker” problem rather than any wish to poke a stick into your Aunt Toby’s eye. (more…)

Cheap and Fast: Q-D Hot and Sour Soup

ingredientsAs much as I love traditional chicken soup (aka “Jewish Penicillin”), once I discovered Chinese Hot and Sour Soup when I was in college, I realized what a superior therapy (at least from an upper respiratory standpoint) Hot and Sour Soup is. No matter how clogged up my sinuses get, they can’t withstand the combination of hot liquid, pepper and vinegar that makes up the essence of Hot and Sour Soup.

My only problem is that one of the things that I think really tops off the flavor is something that I never seem to have in the house, except at certain times of the year and that is green topped onions. But today, when I was cleaning up our onion storage down in the basement, I discovered that, as you see in the photograph, a couple of the onions had sprouted. (more…)

Show Some Respect for the Honored Dead — and make Turkey Soup!

turkeysoup If your house is like mine, the carcass from yesterday’s dinner turkey got a piece of aluminum foil thrown over the top of it and is sitting forlornly in the refrigerator, having been combed for odd bits of meat over the past 24 hours.

And you are really quite fed up with it sitting there and are about to unceremoniously throw the poor thing into the garbage, scraping out the roasting pan and letting it be done at that.

“Step away from the roaster, Sir (or Ma’am) and no one will get hurt.”

Now is the time to show some restraint and respect for the poor bird who “gave it up” for your family yesterday. We’re going to turn it into soup today! You will need: the turkey carcass and hopefully the pan that you cooked it in with all the lovely stuff still in it, plus a little salt or a can of chicken or turkey broth. (more…)

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