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Cheap and Good: Mashed Potatoes Are Your Friend

patties Writing these articles, I realize that it does seem that when it comes to “cheap and good,” I’m concentrating on white foods. And, that is correct because today, Aunt Toby is going to talk about another white thing that if you’ve got it in the fridge, you are golden in terms of having A Useful Thing™.

Left over mashed potatoes are a great thing to have, especially if you have resisted the urge (because we are all about resisting urges here at Chez Siberia on the Susquehanna) to put garlic in them when you make them. If you want garlic mashed potatoes, make the mashed potatoes first, take out a couple of cups extra, seal them up in the container of your choice (yoghurt containers tend to be used for this at my house), and THEN do the addition of the cooked and mashed up garlic. Tastes the same and now you have mashed potatoes that you have the choice of what to do with. (more…)

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