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Want better nutrition? Chew your food MORE.

I have a friend who I actually have not met. She is from Canada and her name is Krista Scott-Dixon. I got involved with her through her women’s weight lifting site, Stumptuous 7 years ago and she is someone who knows more about weight lifting, food, eating, and women’s health than anyone I know. She came up with a recipe for a smoothie made with coconut milk that basically kept my mother alive while she was dying of dementia. Brilliant woman. She’s widened her focus in terms of food but recently, she posted something that really hit home with me, which is that if she could say one thing to the people she coaches, it would be ‘slow down and chew your food.’ There’s a lot of other stuff about being mindful about what we eat and the choices we make when we feel like we want to reward ourselves and so on. (more…)

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