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Totally Worthless But Yummy: Chiffon Cake With a Surprise

When the Little Siberians(tm) were young, they accused your dear old Aunty of sticking all sorts of nutritional boosters into baked goods, from the philosophy that if they were going to be eating them anyway, the least I could go was take a bit of the naughtiness out of them. They were actually right – dried milk, soy flour, you name it, I put it in.

One bite and you just KNEW. Eau de soy bean. Every…single…time. And bless them, they’d work their way through them just to feel that they’d gotten some sort of a treat out of it. (more…)

Kale, Kale – The Gang’s All Here

Confession Time: Aunt Toby has tried…Lord knows I have tried… to like kale. Kale is one of those veggies that everyone writes glowingly about. It’s great stuff, full of B-everything, anti-inflammatory as all get out. Everyone should eat a boat-load and so on.

I have never, until this past weekend, made a kale dish that made anyone in the fam roll their eyes and make yummy noises. I admit it. I have always tried to be a good role model and would put it into my mouth and chew appreciatively. And I hated every bite. (more…)

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