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Fowl Deeds

I just found a terrific site:
The City Chicken – Chicken Laws

They might be listing your municipality right now. For example, in Washington, DC proper – no chickens. Fairfax County – yepper. They also collect information from commenters, so if your municipality is not listed and you call on your city clerk and get the low-down on chicken ownership, please pass it along to make the site even more complete. Great stuff!!

Chick Cam! Moving Away From ‘teh’ cute

You might want to watch this little video and then go back to the one from April 1 to see the amazing change that has taken place in just four days – these little guys are looking and acting less and less like chicks and more like chickens in this new one. As you can see, everyone now has feathers at the tips of their wings, they are standing up straighter and therefore look much more like chickens than the chicks in the first video. You will also see, in the beginning part, several of them flying at one another and bumping chests – these are probably rooster chicks and they are already getting into ‘dominance behaviors’. The chest bumping exercise in chickens is the same activity that you see in elk, mountain goats, etc., only they use their heads. It’s the same case of “I’m tougher than you”.

It’s Chick Cam!!!!

Turn up the volume on your speakers – you can hear them peeping. The chicks are now 6 days old and if you look closely, you’ll see that some of them have little feathers at the ends of their wings.

The Urban Chicken Sets Up Light Housekeeping

It’s time to return to the sounds of yesteryear….when…chickens ruled the roost, eggs were fresh, and housewives had their own sources of income, called ‘egg money’. It’s springtime and so it’s also time to return to the discussion of raising chickens in your own backyard. For some beginning thoughts, especially in terms of “is this ‘street legal’?”, go here:
The Return of the Urban Chicken

If you’ve ascertained that a)it’s legal for you to have chickens in your backyard and b) it’s not going to bother the neighbors, here are some next steps. (more…)

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