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Anatomy of a Bean Rollup

Folks, your Aunt Toby has a batting average on entertaining that hovers pretty far down there (well, I got better at batting when I learned to raise my elbow but that’s a story for another time), which is why the most popular birthday party my kids ever had was ‘let’s go bowling’. High anxiety is pretty much the norm for moi when we invite people to Chez Siberia.
Is the house clean enough? Is it so clean it looks as if we are trying too hard?
Are people lost (this actually happens quite often and I should stop going crazy about it)?
Will people like the food? The DH always says, “It’s free – what’s there to complain about?’
Will I make anyone sick with the food?
Will everyone have a good time?

The list goes on and on. I try to schedule an anxiety attack about an hour before everyone is due so that I have time to take a shower. I really DO sweat the small stuff. (more…)

Royal Burgundy – Beans, that is

We’re pretty loosey-goosey here at KCE; Aunt Toby doesn’t tend to promote or recommend products. A lot of that has to do with the fact that what works here at Chez Siberia just might not work for readers where in particular you are. But I’m making a special case here with Royal Burgundy Beans. For those of you in the UK, I know Thompson and Morgan has a type called “Purple Teepee”. (more…)

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