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I’m a pundit. Who knew?

turkeysoupYou never know, when you get involved in this blogging business, into whose mailbox or IM or FB or other ‘social networking’ la-di-dah your words and pictures are going to land. I was notified by a kind friend that my Thanksgiving piece (post both here and back with ‘the folks what brung me’ back at had been picked up by an electronic publication which, shall we say, is at a slightly more rarified level than my little postings here. 10 Recipes the Pundits Love

I’m not going to take offense at the ‘he’ business because the writer also referred to ‘flower’ when discussing someone’s gravy recipe. This appears to be a “I trusted the spell checker” problem rather than any wish to poke a stick into your Aunt Toby’s eye. Perhaps one more reading would have done the trick, though you never know. When you write something yourself, it’s sometimes hard to pick up little details.

But, enough of patting oneself on the back. ahem. The photo at the top is a reminder to NOT throw the carcass of your Thanksgiving (or Christmas or any other for that matter) turkey out. Global warming aside, a good bowl of turkey soup is not to be sniffed at (unless one is taking in the glorious fragrance of same). I poked around in the closet here at KCE and I did write about that a year ago:
Make Turkey Soup

It’s easy on these big family holidays to get into this funk at the end of the meal where all you want to do is shovel the remnants into a garbage bag, haul it out to the curb, pour yourself a glass of something, stick your feet up on a cushion and watch nostalgic films. Not that Aunt Toby is against the pouring and putting the feet up part (her “feets” appreciate cushion propping as much as anyone’s), but do take the few moments to a) read the post and b) do the deed by the turkey leftovers so that in a couple of weeks when you want a quick dinner, you can go to the freezer, pull out the container of turkey soup, warm up some rolls or bread and voila! All set.

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