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Write a letter

We have a plethora (a plethora, I tell you) of means to communicate these days: email, social networks, instant messaging, texting on cellphones… you name it. It’s gotten to the point where a) a lot of us have thumb injuries and repetitive motion issues in our wrists and b) the language consists of the modern version of that old advertisement “F U cn rd this, U cn gt a jb” for Speedwriting(tm).

What comes in the mail consists mostly of advertising and bills.

When was the last time you got something fun in the mail? When was the last time you got a letter? Let’s put it this way: 50 years from now, no one (and I do mean no one) is going to put out a book (electronic or on paper) entitled “The Complete Collection of Newt Gingrich’s Tweets.” There will also not be an excited headline reading, “Steven King’s Grandson Finds Lost Blog.”

There are no secret diaries, letters, or hidden boxes of little bits and pieces now. We are splayed out for all to see. The only way to keep something hidden is to write it down and put it under the bed. Seriously. I cannot imagine what love letters are like now; I suppose they consist of a text reading “You?” with the reply of “Yes, you?” or something like that.

But this is a plea for the simple ‘sit down at the table, pull out a piece of paper (with or without lines), and envelope and stamp and write a letter. Chatty…heartfelt…funny…all the little things and happenings of the day. With drawings if you like, and enclosing a photograph (God help us – an actual printed on photographic paper photo. Egad), or a newspaper clipping, or a picture of a new dress ripped from a magazine with the words “I love this!” written on it. Or a sample of fabric.

Trust me – for people who have totally given up on finding the one gift that the other person does NOT have and will not get this holiday season, regular ‘snail-mail’ correspondence is the right size, the right color and will definitely please.

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  1. Treadle27 says:

    Oh the irony!


    But I do agree.

  2. Duchesse says:

    I’ve kept a journal since my high school years, but doubt anyone will ever ‘discover’ it. People rarely write letters to friends anymore, and I miss both the writing and receiving. My blog posts are substitutes for that; the positive aspect is that more than my friends read them (a voluntary activity), the negative is that I sometimes censor my more indiscreet opinions.

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