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The Country Mouse Meets the City Mouse

Cat + MouseSaturday was a huge day for us. We went to New York City for the day. The DH went to the Guggenheim and the Natural History Museum while I ‘took a meeting’ and took the aforementioned cooking class. The meeting was with one of my favorite bloggers, Geri Brin of FOF.

It was one of those experiences where you meet someone and you feel as if you’ve been friends ever since middle school. Geri is a New Yorker through and through. Though Aunt Toby did work in ‘the city’ for about a year during the period when no one knew if the city government was going to go bankrupt (they didn’t) or if I would stay (I didn’t), I left to go back to graduate school for a degree in accounting (which did not stick; the director of the program told me I’d make the worse accounting graduate they’d ever seen), met the DH at a softball game (he was catching; I was pitching), switched programs and the rest, as they say, is history.

Geri has many very kind things to say about me here:
When Geri Met Toby

And I have to say that her web site and programming on the site are first rate and thoroughly enthusiastic about a demographic that frankly gets zip in terms of attention and the credit that it (ahem, and me too) deserves: Women over fifty years of age. When you look at that group, it is truly mindboggling in terms of what we have achieved over the past 40 years. Unfortunately, American business still believe that the only group that counts is under the age of thirty, which given the general buying power of women over fifty, makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Geri has put together a great site, filled with inspiring stories, great ideas, terrific giveaways and contests. Worth daily visits.

(photo courtesy of Denis deFreyne)

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