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red sweater

Why can’t I find…..?

One of the things that drives Aunt Toby absolutely barking dog crazy is not being able to find items in the stores that, at least to moi, appear to be things that every store should have, every year. Sometimes, I’m absolutely unreasonable (as in finding coveralls for my grandson made out of something other than cotton); other times, it’s a case of seeming fashion choices made at some central office someplace by someone who obviously is about 23 years old and has not bothered to ask anyone what their interests are (hey, I don’t give a darn if some color forecasting group has proclaimed this year to be the year of ‘puce’…), which is why I can never, ever, find a skirt in forest green wool or charcoal grey slacks.

This year, it was a red, long sleeved sweater, in wool. (more…)

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